Vice President 

  Graysen Fox

​​​​​​ Our club was founded by Doug and Anne Rosa in 2006 for Corvette owners that have the common interest of enjoying and driving what we consider to be the ultimate American sports-muscle car icon. 

Our club functions include day and weekend cruises, breakfast, lunch and club dinners, car shows, charity events and above all FUN.

Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend a club meeting and event.  However, to become a club member you must own a Corvette.

Color Country Corvettes is a non-profit organization and does not condone drinking and driving.

All of us here at Color Country Corvettes would like to say thank you to Stephen Wade Chevrolet staff for their help and sponsorship.


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Located at 1670 S Hilton Dr St George, UT 84770 

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Color Country Corvette Club.    

Established 2006

St George, Southern UT, Mesquite, NV, Beaver Dam, AZ

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Graysen & Anna Fox

I have been a Corvette guy ever since probably sixth grade when my friends and I started getting into cars, building models, putting up car posters and seeing the plethora of sports cars you'd expect to see growing up in Las Vegas. We started competing to see who could name the make and model of cars from the furthest distance just by looking at the silhouette or shape of the headlights or the taillights. I always won when it came to the Corvette. I've always loved their history, their style, their curves, and their performance, especially for the money. And I loved that I could say to my foreign car loving friends they were ALL AMERICAN! Naturally when I got married I rented a Corvette, a red 1996. My wife, Anna, insisted on driving it and that's when I got another sign I married the right woman because she drove it like she was a natural born sports car driver. Shortly after we were married, with the help of the owner of a local Corvette shop downtown by the strip in Las Vegas, I bought my first Corvette, a red 1980 L82. I took a job at that same Corvette shop to help me get through college. I think the owner appreciated my passion. I learned a lot about Corvette's there, their quirks and got my hands dirty on my own car working her into a proper daily driver. I believe in daily driving a car you love. But I think Anna got a little jealous of that car because she caught fire (the Corvette) that is, on I-15 while we were out for a drive. I think she cursed it. Funny story really. I immediately pulled over and popped the hood and looked around for anything to douse the fire. A tow truck stopped offering his shovel to scoop up dirt and rocks along the edge of the concrete barrier, which did nothing.  Why he didn't have a fire extinguisher I'll never know! The ironic part is when a guy driving a Kia of all cars stopped to help, pulls out a fire extinguisher and put the fire out like that! The fuel line had been installed too long and had rubbed against the accessory belt...oops! Anna didn't like that Corvette much after that. Fast forward to my 2nd Corvette, a white 2006 3LT convertible which I purchased sight unseen from a little old lady in San Diego. I assume it was a little old lady because the car was in amazing shape being used, and the fact that the seat memory button had the seat really close to the steering wheel along with three more clues dangling from the rear-view mirror. Necklaces. One with an angel pendant, one a Buddha jade, and the other the mother Mary. Necklaces that I never removed because they had good mojo. Anna liked that Corvette a lot more as it was more modern, comfortable, had a lot fewer quirks and never caught fire. Ever since we moved to St. George (and met Doug Rosa, I think he accosted me at a gas station) we have enjoyed being part of the Corvette club. I have enjoyed taking turns bringing my girls on Corvette runs (yes I have all girls, I'm outnumbered) and have especially enjoyed this last year taking my aging dad (86 years young) on a few runs. It's amazing how cars can spark stories about family history. When I took my dad to the Barrett Jackson Auction I learned that Uncle Jim had a '58 Impala and always like flashy things. Uncle Lloyd had an old Buick with fins and a '29 hardtop Ford with a rumble seat. And my grandparents had a 1935 Buick. Oh, and my dad’s first car was a 1926 Hupmobile! I also learned that if I went to college with my dad, I would have been like his friend Joe Cunnings who bought a white and red '58 Corvette after graduating. Anna and I have enjoyed our Corvette club friendships and look forward to a new chapter with our new 2023 Rapid Blue Z51 Corvette. Thanks for letting such a youngster like me in the club, let alone be the Vice President.