January 10, 2023                              

Color Country Corvette Club GENERAL MEETING

Black Bear Diner Start 6:16 PM Present: Board Members-Graysen Fox, Larry Martin, Doug Rosa, Paul Styka, Specialist-Mike Roe. Meeting called to order by Graysen Fox.

Pledge of Allegiance recited. Secretary read the November General Meeting Minutes.

Treasurer explained monthly Cash Flow and Budget charts which included income and expenses. These charts will not only be presented but also voted upon for acceptance at all monthly meetings. Three new members were introduced- Bill & Judy LaSalata and Ms. Terry Hammond. Graysen acknowledged Peter and Trish Spevak for their years of service t o the club which was met with a round of applause by members.

Graysen introduced Specialist member Mike Roe as event planner and coordinator. Mike Role will include a calendar for all events. Run Do’s and Don’ts. Run hand-out sheets which will identify and explain each run with a list of the members and their information. A list of past runs. And other necessary information.

Graysen spoke of runs and events including Washington’s Balloon Fest, Laps for Charity, and Mesquite Car Show. Those going to Mesquite will depart from Big Shot Golf Friday at 10:30. Graysen mentioned a proposal for a Ladies Corvette Club group. More information to follow Graysen said that Gary will have the Club’s latest roster at the February's meeting.

Larry reported that the Split the Pot collection amount led to $100. Dick Classen and Gregg LaSalata each Door prizes included three Wade discount coupons and a CORVETTE ONLY PARKING sign were awarded Meeting adjourned at 7:45