Color Country Corvette Club

Minutes of General Meeting held Oct. 8, 2019


 President Jim Agar called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.   


1.      We all stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.   


2.      Jim Agar welcomed all members.  Thirty-seven members were in attendance.   


3.      Robert Rashid of Stephen-Wade Chevrolet gave us an informative presentation on discounts available to CCC members at the dealership.


4.      The November Board Meeting will be held at Dave and Marsha Van Otten's home on Nov. 4th, at 1:00 P.M., 656 Bandolier Lane, Washington, UT  All members are invited to attend.  Please RSVP at 801-897-1198.


5.      Peter Spevak presented the Car of the Month framed photo to Doug and Wanda Utash.  Beautiful Vette!   


6.      Rick Miller introduced Wayne Stanley who was a member of the club and will be rejoining.  Carl and JJ Olsen, and Jess & Brigitte Hunsaker are the newest members of the Club.  We currently have 85 members.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our members who have October Birthdays!  They are:

10/5, Terry Oldfield  10/5, Marsha Van Otten  10/10, Sam Suazo

10/12, Beth Crabtree  10/18, Ken Heinly  10/19, Dave Van Otten

7.      Secretary’s Report.  No corrections to the Minutes as posted in the Newsletter were received.

8.      Doug Rosa gave the Treasurer’s Report.  
9.      Doug Rosa gave the Webmaster Report.  The web page should work with all devices now.  NCCC says their database will be up and functioning on 10/9/19.  Dues are $70 per couple if received by Nov. 15th.  Both CCCC and NCCC will assess $10 late fees after that date.  Doug will send CCCC By-Laws to anybody who needs a copy.

10.  Sunshine Report:   Anne Rosa is going in for toe surgery 10/10/19.  Also, Joan and Cindy are going in for surgery.  Gordon Frampton starts treatment for cancer on 10/9/19. 

11.  Peter provided the Activities Report.   
The biggest event was the trip back to Bowling Green, Kentucky where Doug, Peter, and Trish described what it was like to see Corvettes as far as the eye could see looking ahead and the same looking backward!  Seven or Eight Thousand Corvettes showed up!  Doug and Anne Rosa, Peter and Trish Spevak, Rob and Dalrie Cook, and Bob Naquin and Ike went on this long, long, but very fun, fun, run!  Jefferson Starship was the big band this year.

Dave Van Otten reported on the Snow Canyon / Kolob Canyon Run with the Vegas Valley Vette Club.  We had 17 Corvettes participate and everyone had fun!  The VVV members had never seen either canyon.  VVV Club people are very nice, good folks and we all ate at Chuck-A-Rama for lunch.

The run to Milt’s Steak House in Cedar City was also well attended, very tasty, and fun!

        Peter said that 15 or 16 Corvettes have signed up for the Charitable event with the Zion’s Harley-Davidson

        Motorcycle people to support Wreathes Across America.  We are also inviting Vegas Valley Vettes to join   

        Us.  Trish says we can participate in placing wreathes on veteran grave sites on Dec. 14th if we want to.

Peter then went through a separate schedule showing all the remaining Activities for the year.   (See the  

        Activities Schedule on the CCC Website.)  There is a whole lot of FUN planned in coming months.

12.  Old Business.   None.

 13.  New Business.   Dues are coming up and are $70 and must be paid by Nov. 15, 2019

NOMINATION OF CCC CLUB OFFICERS for 2020 must be submitted between Oct. 1 and Oct. 25, 2019.

You can nominate yourself if you want to serve the CCC as an Officer.  So far, we have received at least one nomination for each position except for that of Secretary. 

DIXIE DIRECT BOOKS:  Doug will pick up 50 books for Club members to buy/sell.  They sell for $35 each with literally hundreds of dollars of discounts for restaurants and activities in the St. George area.  The Club makes $17.50 for each book sold.  So we should be able to add $875 to our treasury to be able to donate to charitable causes.

14.  DRAWING:   Winners were:  Anne Rosa and Carol Brackner.  Then a drawing was held for the prizes provided by our sponsor, Stephen-Wade Chevrolet.  Winners of the prizes were:

Anne Rosa Denise Oldfield (twice!)  Wayne Stanley  John Johnson Lynn Miller Rick Miller

Paul Styka  Larry Andressen (twice)

              Jim Agar thanked Robert Rashid of Stephen-Wade Chevrolet for the prizes.


15.  Jim Agar Closed the Meeting at 7:55 P.M.


Color Country Corvette Club By-Laws

Revised March 12, 2019

Mission Statement

The Color Country Corvette Club’s goal is to have “FUN” and promote friendship among members. We are a social club, driving and enjoying our Corvettes.

This club is a very diverse group; the club has no political or religious affiliations.  The club is a not for profit organization.


Article 1

Charter Members

Doug and Anne Rosa have been named Charter Members of the Color Country Corvette Club.  This is in recognition of the Rosa’s efforts in founding the Club and their continued work on its behalf.

Article 2

Club Name

The club name is Color Country Corvette Club (abbreviated CCCC).  This club is also known as Color Country Corvettes (abbreviated CCC), Color Country Corvettes of Southern Utah and Color Country Corvette Club of Southern Utah. 

Article 3

Club Logo

 The Color Country Corvette Club logo cannot be changed.  The Color Country Corvette Club logo was created when the club was formed in August, 2006.  The club logo consists of the Delicate Arch and a C6 Corvette.  The position of the C6 Corvette in front of the Arch is facing to the right when viewed.  Below the C6 is:  Color Country Corvettes, St. George, Utah.  The only change that can be made is the color of the car when printing or embroidery is done.  A digital copy of the logo is retained by the Board. 


Article 4

Board of Officers

The Board of Officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer/Governor and Membership Coordinator.  The outgoing president shall be available as an advisor.  The above positions will be referred to as the Board.  The Board shall meet at least six times per year and meetings are open to all club members.  Only Board members may vote on any business votes taken at the Board meetings. 

If any Board member cannot perform his/her duties, described as missing two (2) or more consecutive Board meetings, then that member may be removed and a replacement may be appointed by the Board to fulfill the duties of the member being replaced until the next election.  In the event of a Board member resigning his/her position, the Board may appoint a person to fulfill the duties, until the next election, of the resigning Board member.

Article 5


 1. Membership is open to anyone owning a Corvette and paying the Color Country Corvette Club’s and National Council of Corvette Clubs’ dues.  All members shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all club functions.  Any non-member may attend an event(s) at the discretion of the Board.

 2. The membership roster is the property of the club and may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.  The roster shall NOT be made available to any non-members except the club sponsors.

 3. Club meetings are to be held not less than once a yearly quarter.  The locations and times shall be at the discretion of the President.  The Board welcomes comments from all CCCC members.  The membership year will begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


Article 6

Membership Dues

1. Club Membership dues cover from January 1st to December 31st of the membership year.

 2. Club dues for the following year, for renewing members, are payable on Sept. 15th and are Past Due after November 15th of each year.

3. New members joining between January 1st and Sept. 14th, inclusive, pay dues at the time they join for the year they join.

 4. New members joining between Sept. 15th and Dec. 31st, inclusive, receive a grace period and pay their new member dues only for the following year.

 5. New Members dues are $70.00 for a single person (includes NCCC $35.00, Color Country Corvette Club $35.00) or $80.00 for a couple (includes NCCC $35.00, spouse $10.00, Color Country Corvette Club $35.00) per year.  Dues are subject to change.

 6. Renewing members’ dues are $60 for a single person and $70 for a couple.   Dues are subject to change.

7. All dues must be paid by November 15th so the NCCC (National Council of Corvette Clubs) can complete their processing by January.  Dues paid after the closing date of November 15th will be accessed a Club late fee of $10 plus an NCCC late fee of $10.  Late fees are subject to change.

The NCCC provides us with liability insurance coverage for all club events and other benefits belonging to this 18,000+ member group of fellow Corvette owners.  Dues are also used to provide new members with a name tag and the quarterly Blue Bars. (Blue Bars is an Official Publication of the National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.).

Article 7


All Revenue received by the Treasurer shall be deposited into the CCCC checking account.  All expenditures shall require an invoice and the signature of the Treasurer or President in order to be paid using CCCC funds.  Both the current Treasurer and President shall have their signatures on file at the CCCC designated bank.  The Treasurer and President shall meet at least semi-annually to review CCCC expenditure history to ensure the most efficient use of CCCC funds as well as bank balance accuracy. Any individual invoice totaling $1000 or more shall require a majority of the Board Members approval prior to payment

Article 8

Election of Board of Officers

Any member interested in any Board position (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer/Governor or Membership Coordinator) must submit his/her name in writing, and the position he/she  desires, to the Secretary between October 1 and October 21.  These positions are open to all members in good standing.  Nominations for members other than self must be approved by the nominee.

The Board shall request nominations at the November General Membership meeting for any Board position for which no candidate has submitted his or her name.  Nominations for members other than self must be approved by the nominee.  Nominations shall be voted on by the membership present at the November General Membership meeting via secret paper ballot which shall be submitted to and counted by a Board member and one member at large.  No late votes shall be counted.  The member receiving the most votes for a position shall be elected.  Should no nominations for a position be received, the current Board member in that position may continue in that Board position irrespective of, and overriding, the terms of Article 9 Term Limits.  All new officers shall be installed at the following January General Membership meeting.   All officers must be regular members in good standing at the time they assume office.


Article 9

Term Limits

The officers of the club shall consist of these:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer/Governor and Membership Coordinator.  The length of term for each officer shall be one (1) year.  No officer shall hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive years.  A Webmaster and Sunshine Person will be appointed by the Board and will serve uninterrupted until either resigns or the Board appoints a replacement. 

Article 10


Meetings & Voting


All club business that requires a vote, including officer elections and by-law changes, shall be voted upon at a members' meeting at which a quorum of regular members are present.  A quorum shall be thirty percent (30%) of regular members as of the date of the meeting.  Voting will be by secret paper ballot.  For officer elections, the member receiving the most votes for a position will be elected.  For by-law changes, a majority vote for or against will decide the outcome.  Votes will be counted by a Board member and one member at large.  All members will be given at least 20 days notice of an upcoming election or by-laws vote.