Color Country Corvette Club
Minutes of General Meeting held FEB. 11, 2020

 Vice-President Peter Spevak called the meeting to order at 6:50 P.M.   

We all stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  
Peter welcomed all members and gave a report of President Jim Agar’s medical condition.  Jim’s condition is improving.   Peter than had all Club members present stand and introduce themselves, where they are from, and what year, model and color of Corvette they own.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doug Rosa

Secretary Report:  Dave asked if anybody had any changes to the minutes posted in the Vette Gazette.  Nobody did, so the minutes stand has printed in the Vette Gazette and on the website.

Peter Spevak presented the Car of the Month framed photo to Ken Heinly who had won the drawing for February’s Car of the Month.   Dave & Marsha Van Otten won the drawing for the March Car of the Month photo spread.

Membership Report:   Doug Rosa reported that we currently have 100 members!!!  Fifty members were in attendance.  Doug presented New Member Packets to:  Ray & Jeanne Keeler, Rob & Deanna Lee, Carl & JJ Olson, Ken & Jean Heinly, Steve Steitz, John Michael, and Larry & Linda Martin.  Other new members not present at the meeting included John & Starla Cooley and Wayne Stanley. The CCCC members present welcomed the new members!

Sunshine Report:  In addition to Jim Agar, Terry Oldfield and Darlene Oldenwaler have medical issues.

Peter reviewed Future Runs and Events that can be viewed on under “Events”.  Lots of great stuff planned for the first seven months of 2020.  For February the events are: Feb. 13th, Rattlin’D Playhouse and Feb. 20th are the two 100-lap races at the Las Vegas Int’l Speedway.

Please check the website for a listing of all the available runs with printable fliers with detailed info.

During the meeting all Club members were asked to vote for one of 5 charities to whom the $280 would be given.  Results of this are as follows:  Memory Matters – 13 votes, Doctor’s Volunterr Clinic – 11 votes, Tender Mercies – 9 votes, Switchpoint – 5 votes, Dove Center – 3 votes.  Memory Matters was the winner and will be given the $280 at a future presentation.

Peter suggested that we all submit a paragraph or two about ourselves to be shared with club members.  Peter will work up a paragraph about Trish and himself as an example for members.  Club members are encouraged to submit their brief “bio’s” unless they prefer not to.  When all are completed, Peter will email the assembled bio’s to the membership.  After that, Peter will email a copy of the bio’s to new members when they join.  This will help to identify commonalities among club members and foster more interaction.

Peter is putting together a presentation together on sponsoring club runs:  “What’s Behind Sponsoring A Run?” to be presented soon.

DRAWING:   $150 was raised, $75.00 went to the Club Treasury, and two amounts of $37.50 were raffled off.  Winners were:   Anne Rosa and Jayne Fulton.   

Peter Spevak Closed the Meeting at 7:45 P.M.