Derek Hall called meeting to order.

All stood for Pledge of Allegence (39 members present).

Doug Rosa made announcement informing attendees of the pluses that the Stephen Wade Dealership has brought to our club. This included discount certificates that are given during meetings which, we are told, will never expire but are not valid with any official GM offers. Also, our access to the dealer Service Area Manager should a need arise. Further reported is the club’s membership is now 112.

Announcements and presentations made by Derek: Canvas photo of Club Cars will be presented to Randy Paul, BlackBear Manager, during September meeting. A memorial brick has been placed at the Veterans Park in Sun River by the Club. Vettes and Caffine was another enjoyed run especially at the firehouse tour. It was mentioned that the Club can make this event, V & C, any day of the week.

Status of members: Anne Rosa, Linda Martin, Linda Butler and Peter Spevak are all in stages of recovery. We continue to send well wishes.

Paul Styka will be substituting for Murph as Secretary until next board election.

Treasurer Report: Larry Martin was excused and Doug informed us that the Club’s account is in very good standing.

Details of Christmas Party scheduled for Saturday December 7 to be held at Aragosta Restaurant to include coctails at 5PM, a DJ and perhaps a comedian and/or slight-of-hand artist. Dinner menu will be Chicken and Prime rib. Cost not yet determined as club will/may cover some of the cost. It is important that members make their reservation soon so we can give the restaurant adequate time to prepare.

Grayson Fox asked if the Club or individual members might be interested in supporting an event in Cedar City, Sept.18 or St. George, Oct.23 sponsored by the Alzheimer's Fund walk.

Coming events include the Western Legends in Kanab. Sixteen cars, at this point, will be leaving TERRIBLE’S, exit 13, at 9AM. Dinner, 4PM, is planned at the Rocking V with parking at the Iron Horse.

September 16 remains scheduled for the Vanderhall Factory tour in Springville, Ut.

October 21-23 remains scheduled for the Monument Valley & Moab, two nights expected. Twentyone signed-up.

‘Vette Gazette to be issued August 11.

Derek has been working hard to keep hotel/motel costs to a minimum. Respecting the budgets of members. A general consensus was to keep lodging costs below $150 per night.

Split the pot: Total collected $180 $45 dollars each to Murph Rogers and Julie Buns. $95 into the Club’s account.

Door prizes: Shelby and Karen $50 Wade coupon each. Gary and Jeannie $20 Wade coupon each. Doug travel mug. Car of the Month: Ray Brayden

Meeting adjourned at 7:35PM. Submitted, Paul Styka