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How to plan an event:

Members needing help organizing a run, please contact Mark Ripley at


Run Coordinator
Do a dry run to check things out, pit stops, parking, etc.
Send out an e-mail to all members of the club about the run giving them explicit, concise information on the run. Please include your phone number, e-mail and date to RSVP by.

Reply to the HOSTS of the run if you are going.

At the run departure place, let the restaurant know how many people to expect so they will have adequate staffing and to verify time.
When Announcing your run let the members know what type of roads to expect.

While On the Run remember, safety is always the primary objective.
At the drivers meeting, try to have an itinerary with a list of stops, road changes, or a map. Try to avoid large gaps in between the cars. Hand held radios are recommended. If the caravan changes roads, lead car should stop to regroup as needed. On major highways, always be courteous to merging traffic. On the narrow twisty roads, front cars need to keep rear cars informed about oncoming traffic via the use of hand held radios.
If drivers don't feel they are driving in their comfort zone wave following cars by and catch up at the next stop. If you pull off and stop and turn your lights on, we will know you need help and a member will stop to provide assistance.

Something that is a lot of fun, but not a requirement, is having a hand held radio to talk back and forth with other members during the days run.