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A “run” is an opportunity to have fun with your clubbies in our corvettes.
Planning, safety, and common sense are key ingredients of a fun run.

Runs can be our ‘Vettes and Caffeine meets, day runs, overnights, or even multi-day trips. Whatever you propose!
Runs can be a lunch cruise to a place you think everyone would enjoy, a car show, a sightseeing tour, a museum, or a point of interest.
Maybe you have a hobby or unique interest that that you would like to share with others.

If you have a good idea for a run you would like to host, run it by our run and events specialist who coordinates run dates on the master calendar. The main thing is to have a date/dates and a destination. Details can be worked out by the host later.
Details are things like meet times, meet location, route instructions, meal, fuel, and restroom stops.

The run and events specialist will invite the host to briefly present and promote the run at the next club business meeting.
The V.P. will provide signup sheets and flyers at meetings prior to the run and will see it is mentioned in the Gazette and send out announcement and reminder emails.
Runs should be suggested before the 1st of the month so they can be presented at the monthly meeting.

The runs and events specialist is always available to hosts if they have questions about planning or executing their run.

To aid members who are new to hosting a run some planning and executing tips are included in this site.
Also included are samples of past runs that may be fun to do again or spark an idea for a new adventure.
Sometimes a previously successful run or event can be given a new wrinkle. Remember that new members may have missed the ride and would enjoy getting to do it. Older members may have missed the original ride for some reason and would like a do over.

Communication is important while we are on the road! Our club highly recommends each Corvette has a walkie talkie on board.
We all tune to channel 4 on our runs. This is for safety and to make sure no one is left behind if they have trouble or need to stop for some reason. At a minimum it’s good if the run leader and tailender have walkie talkies so the leader can adjust for any problems.

Remember, while on the road we are ambassadors for our club, our sponsor, all the world's other corvettes and owners, and because of our license plates our state. Drive responsibly and courteously.