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How to plan an event:

Members needing help organizing a run, please contact

Michael Pfeffer 


The run Sponsor needs to complete an Event Request Form and send it to the Vice President, Michael Pfeffer for approval, at least 1 month prior to a requested event. 

click here for Event Request Form in Word 

​click here for Event Request Form in PDF

Event Sponsor: 
Do a dry run to check things out, pit stops, parking, restaurant, etc. before completing the Event Request Form that you will send to the Vice President for approval. Upon approval, the Vice President will send out your Event Request Form to the membership with brief instructions to have the interested members respond directly to you to sign up for or ask questions about the event based on the detailed information you included in the Event Request Form.


If you are planning a meal at a restaurant, be sure to tell the restaurant how many people to expect, verify the time of arrival and any other information (ex. separate checks), so they will be prepared. If the event is a run, remember, safety is always the primary objective. Hand-held radios (specify channel) are required for the lead and rear cars, and recommended for all other participating cars. Hold a drivers meeting as you begin the run and hand out a printed itinerary with a list of stops, road changes and/or a map. Review in detail with the drivers the Color Country Corvette Caravan Guidelines to which all participants MUST comply.

The event sponsor is responsible to ensure that any non-club member participants in any event must complete and execute an NCCC “Release and Waiver of Liability” form before taking part in the event. After the event, the sponsor is to provide the executed form(s) to the Treasurer/Governor who will retain them for seven calendar years.

Click on this link if you would like to see a list of past runs or to get an idea for your run!


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